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Guaranteed sales growth with Couponabox® pizza boxes so ACT NOW!

Couponabox is not just a pizza box, it’s a value-add to assist pizzerias and distributors to generate immediate increased sales and awareness long after the pizza box has been disposed. It provides a simple and effective way to deliver your message directly into the homes of family and friends that eat together, and best of all it’s FREE. The only change is the front roll-over panel has easy tear off detachable credit card sized coupons/business cards.  This also saves the environment by reducing the billions of traditional printed flyers currently produced globally. Additionally, Couponabox has been designed and engineered to keep pizza up to 14% hotter longer than a standard pizza box……… read about Thermo-Technology™

We provide direct one-stop pizza box manufacturing with additional marketing to pizzerias explaining how Couponabox works to achieve an immediate increase in sales. This is a clear point of difference to standard pizza boxes and why Couponabox is the fastest growing pizza box worldwide.

Couponabox is a patented product with Worldwide Patents, Registered Designs and Trade Marks that are available for licensing worldwide.

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                                      How it Works                                                                              Pizza Box Quality

Couponabox® Main Advantages Over Standard and Traditional Pizza Boxes:

• No additional cost to current pizza boxes
100% success rate increasing store sales (which in turn increases suppliers sales) and business value
• Complete compliance with EU and US FDA Regulations for direct food contact pizza box packaging
Thermo Technology™ – keeps pizza 14% hotter longer
ECO friendly – reduces carbon footprint by reducing paper printed flyers
The ability to generate accountable advertising revenue

We Manufacture & Ship Quality Pizza Boxes Worldwide

We have a simple process that offers pizza stores, pizza box suppliers, distributors and advertisers alike worldwide the ability to manufacture Couponabox under license or produced directly through our new state of the art manufacturing facilities. We take pride in the knowledge that our new facilities produce high end quality corrugated packaging shipped in 20ft and 40ft HQ Containers (see container quantities). The highest standards are guaranteed with our extensive experience, quality controls and global accredited quality and environmental management systems ISO 9001, ISO 9002 plus ISO 14001. Additionally ISO 22000 food safety management system certified by CQC, also covering GB/T 22000-2006 / ISO 22000: 2005.  Couponabox is in compliance with EU and US FDA Regulations for direct food contact packaging under 21 CFR part 176.170, 176.180, 176.260, 176.300 and 182.90 as well as the ink colors we use under FDA 21 CFR 175.300.

We also offer food grade high quality printing on the inside lid of the box and supply assorted commercial grade pizza products and accessories that can be mixed in the same container with any Couponabox pizza box orders. Our extensive pizza supplies product range includes … Non Breakable Pizza Box Lid Supports / Toppers, 100% Virgin Kraft Pizza Pads / Insert Liners, Pizza Slice Trays, Pizza Circles, Pizza Delivery Bags, Deep Dish Pans, Pan Grippers, Pan Separators, Pan Rings, Pizza Screens, Pizza Peels, Dough Perforators, Pizza Cutters, Pizza Servers, Pizza Tray Rack Covers and even Stainless Steel Thermometers plus much more …… see pizza accessories.

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Couponabox places your brand, coupons and message directly into your customer’s hands


Saving the environment one pizza box at a time. Pizzerias using Couponabox for their coupons and promotions are helping to reducing the billions of flyers produced globally and energy usage.... More

Coupons on the Box

Couponabox delivers brand exposure plus easy detachable coupons/tokens providing a xero cost-per-customer marketing tool. It places coupons directly into the home that significantly increase sales.... More

Print Solutions

We can produce a number of high quality print solutions to suit each customers individual requirements including Flexo, Hi-Resolution Flexo (photo quality) and Litho plus inside lid printing.... More


We offer both FOB and competitive rates with premier shipping lines across all major international trade lanes available plus prepare all import and export documentation.... More

Couponabox is a patented product. Innovation Patent #2004101031 and #2004101044, Registered Design #301823 and #301824, USA Patent #8042728, European Patent #1534596, Canada Patent #2522651, Australia Patent #2008255242, NZ Patent #536394, with other international patents pending including the United Kingdom. This design, product and / or concept cannot be utilised without infringing on international intellectual property, trade marks and copyright laws.

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