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Couponabox is a unique, patented product giving pizza chains, pizza box suppliers and distributors, and pizza box manufacturers worldwide a major competitive advantage.

Our licensing agreements are an opportunity to utilise the Intellectual Property (IP) to best suit individual company needs through existing processes.

Our licensing and distribution options include a license to produce locally, supply through our state of the art manufacturing facilities or a combination of both.

Couponabox Advantages

Couponabox can be adapted to any current or custom made packaging and applied to any industry at no added cost to manufacture. And the advantages are endless.

  • Attracts New Stores, Wholesalers & Advertisers
  • Increases Revenue, Profits and Business Value
  • Offers Exclusivity & Point Of Difference
  • Importantly Protects Your Market Share
  • Assists To Help the Environment
  • Strengthens Current Business Relationships
  • Provides Agent Opportunities

Couponabox licensing and distribution offers an opportunity to utilise your existing contacts to secure additional territories, market share and business relationships that were not previously possible. We provide marketing assistance and will forward any enquiries from each territory to our partner licensee / distributors.

Become a part of the Couponabox Distribution Family and secure your market now! Want to know more? Simply fill out the below and a team member will be in touch shortly.