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Not All Pizza Boxes Are The Same

Yes, the worldwide patent can be easily implemented into all types of existing packaging to help you get a competitive advantage

Absolutely, ISO 22000 food safety management system certified by CQC, also covering GB/T 22000-2006 / ISO 22000: 2005.

Absolutely! Couponabox pizza boxes are in complete compliance with EU and US FDA Regulations under 21 CFR part 176.170, 176.180, 176.260, 176.300 and 182.90 for direct food contact packaging. Our pizza boxes use the highest level paper grade to ensure meets your countries customs regulations 100% guaranteed. This also includes Pizza Pads / Insert Liners and our entire pizza accessories range.

Couponabox is a worldwide patented pizza box with easy tear off detachable coupons providing a 100% success rate in increasing sales and business value

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Pizza Box Sizes

Available in E Flute and B Flute as a stock service. Other corrugated flutes are available upon request.

Yes. Any size dimensions Couponabox can be made with a minimum order of a 20ft Container

All sizes are available. Standard height is 1 3/4″ (44mm). Stock service includes:

  • Flexo – Up to 4 Pantone colours – 7″ to 28″ (18cm to 72cm)
  • Hi Res Flexo – Photo quality – 7″ to 28″ (18cm to 72cm)
  • Litho – CMYK digital photo quality – 7″ to 16″ (18cm to 41cm)

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Artwork And Printing Options

Absolutely. We offer Hi-Res Flexo and CMYK Litho full colour process over the entire pizza box. The printing will be photo colour quality that makes for an extremely powerful marketing tool. However, as a CMYK Litho colour process requires more complex manufacturing, it is a much higher cost than the Hi-Res Flexo.

We provide all standard size die lines and specifications. We primarily accept digital artwork created with the Adobe Creative Suite (downloadable artwork specifications below):

Yes, food grade printing is available on the inside lid of the box in Flexo (up to 4 Pantone colours),  Hi Res Flexo (photo quality).

Couponabox is available in Flexo (up to 4 Pantone colours),  Hi Res Flexo (photo quality with a varnish coating) and Litho (CMYK digital photo quality with Lamination)

Absolutely. We have an artwork department to assist with design of your custom box.


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Yes, we can organise printing and placement as per your requirements

We can take care of that for you with. Our team can provide marketing and promotions advice to best suit your pizzeria.

It’s easy. Our boxes are delivered flat packed making it easy to simply use stamp to stamp promotions on the blank coupon spaces

Absolutely. This is why we’re Couponabox!

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Production And Delivery

Yes, however there are a maximum of 7 different box sizes and prints allowed in a 40ft HQ container and 4 different box sizes and prints allowed in a 20ft container

Delivery times vary due to your geographical destinations requirements. For example, deliveries to the USA West Coast is 13 to 20 days while the USA East Coast is 22 to 35 days. See our World Wide Deliveries page for more details.

5-10 days. Production times may vary slightly dependent on quantities and the number of different boxes:

  • Flexo: Up to 4 Pantone colours – 1 week
  • Hi-Res Flexo: Photo quality – 1 week
  • Litho: CMYK digital photo quality – 2 weeks

Generally, we require 2 weeks prior to shipping. However, if you have a tighter schedule in which you need to work, we will do everything we can to accommodate you

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