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Offering a wide range of services Couponabox provides customers with personalized service tailored to suit their needs. With expertise in China, Asia, USA, UK and Europe we provide sea freight import/export – CIF at competitive rates using premier shipping lines across all major international trade lanes.

Our extensive project cargo experience and expertise ranging from planning to execution allows us to provide customers with a fast and simple service at a price they’ll appreciate.

ABF Accredited Trusted Trader

Being an accredited Trusted Trader reduces red tape at the border, improves certainty in import/export markets, and expedites the flow of their cargo in and out of ports, which means faster access to you. Administered by Home Affairs with the Australian Border Force, you can be assured as an accredited business we are fully compliant with trade practices and a secure supply chain.

Customs Clearance

Our import / export experience ensures that we are always compliant with the Customs Act and Quarantine Inspection Services. To make sure we keep ocean freight tariffs as low as possible, we take the time to understand the details of each delivery we make. This, along with our links within the logistics industry, guarantees that the customs process is simple and drama-free.

Our services include:

  • Preparing, receiving and processing import and export documentation
  • Direct interaction with logistics personnel
  • Ocean freight tariffs and insurance

Ports and Shipping Times

We service all major ports worldwide. Take a look below at just some of the major areas we cover.

Honolulu, Hawaii (14-18 days)
Guam, Guam (14-18 days)
Lae, Papua New Guinea (23-28 days)
Honiara, Solomon Islands (26-33 days)
Noumea, New Caledonia (24-35 days)
Lautoka, Fiji (36-42 days)

Durban, South Africa (20-26 days)
Cape Town, South Africa (25-33 days)
Mombasa, Kenya (20-25 days)
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (24-32 days)
Casablanca, Morocco (30-40 days)

Sydney, Australia (14-21 days)
Melbourne, Australia (12-21 days)
Brisbane, Australia (11-21 days)
Perth, Australia (14-25 days)
Adelaide, Australia (18-28 days)
Hobart, Australia (21-35 days)
Auckland, New Zealand (16-32 days)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (32-38 days)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (30-43 days)
Santos, Brazil (28-34 days)
Paranagua, Brazil (30-41 days)
Montevideo, Uruguay (30-41 days)
San Antonio, Chile (26-34 days)
Puerto Cabello, Venezuela (29-39 days)

Aqaba, Jordan (20-27 days)
Shuaiba, Kuwait (20-26 days)
Shuwaikh, Kuwait (20-26 days)
Ashdod, Israel (21-27 days)
Haifa, Israel (20-27 days)
Beirut, Lebanon (21-33 days)
Doha, Qatar (22-28 days)
Dammam, Saudi Arabia (10-21 days)
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (10-22 days)
Lattakia, Syria (22-30 days)
Tartous, Syria (30-33 days)
Abu Dhabi, UAE (20-26 days)
Jebel Ali, UAE (15-20 days)
Dubai, UAE (18-24 days)
Khor Al Fakka, UAE (20-22 days)
Aden, Yemen (18-25 days)
Hodeidah, Yemen (19-29 days)

Singapore (7-10 days)
Bangkok, Thailand (7-15 days)
Laem Chabang, Thailand (6-13 days)
Port Kelang, Malaysia (8-12 days)
Penang, Malaysia (9-14 days)
Surabaya, Indonesia (9-13 days)
Jakarta, Indonesia (9-14 days)
Manila, Philippines (6-17 days)

Hakata, Japan (3-5 days)
Tokyo, Japan (3-5 days)
Busan, Korea (3-5 days)
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (3-5 days)
East Coast, China (3-5 days)

Oslo, Norway (32-40 days)
Larvik, Norway (32-40 days)
Stockholm, Sweden (36-41 days)
Goteborg, Sweden (31-41 days)
Helsinborg, Sweden (31-41 days)
Malmo, Sweden (32-39 days)
Fredericia, Denmark (30-39 days)
Helsinki, Finland (32-40 days)

Hamburg, Germany (26-37 days)
Tilbury, England (32-42 days)
Le Havre, France (24-35 days)
La Spezia, Italy (26-38 days)
Naples, Italy (26-37 days)
Genoa, Italy (24-36 days)
Valencia, Spain (27-39 days)
Cartagena, Spain (29-39 days)
Rotterdam, Netherlands (25-36 days)
Istanbul, Turkey (31-42 days)
Izmir, Turkey (31-41 days)
Lisboa, Portugal (27-39 days)
Thessaloniki, Greece (31-41 days)

Los Angeles, USA (13-20 days)
West Coast, USA (13-20 days)
New York, USA (24-33 days)
East Coast, USA (22-35 days)
Montreal, Canada (23-35 days)
Toronto, Canada (22-24 days)
Vancouver, Canada (13-25 days)
Manzanillo, Mexico (16-29 days)