Order and Delivery Process


  • Available in all sizes
  • Available in E and B flute
  • Available in brown kraft / brown kraft, white / brown kraft and white / white
  • Available to be ordered in 20 ft and 40 ft HQ containers only
  • Available to mix box sizes and different prints within each container
  • Available worldwide
  • Available in Standard (7″- 28″ |  18cm – 72cm) corrugated pizza box sizes
  • Also Available in Custom Couponabox sizing to customer specifications

See Pizza Box Sizes and Dimensions

Sample Process

      1. Specify exact board grade required and dimensions or send current production samples or we can provide existing production samples
      2. Provide a target price
      3. We will produce samples to match production sample provided or make to customers board grade and dimension specifications
      4. Current stock and non printed samples are produced FREE OF CHARGE
      5. Shipping cost to be paid by customer (due to the number of requests)

International shipments will require Courier name and account number or we can arrange an alternative cost effective option. We will contact you via email.
Please allow three (1-3) weeks for samples.

See Container Quantities

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Couponabox is a patented product. Innovation Patent #2004101031 and #2004101044, Registered Design #301823 and #301824, USA Patent #8042728, European Patent #1534596, Canada Patent #2522651, Australia Patent #2008255242, NZ Patent #536394, with other international patents pending including the United Kingdom. This design, product and / or concept cannot be utilised without infringing on international intellectual property, trade marks and copyright laws.

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